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About Us

Mike Knightson QFA, CFP®, RPA, MIIPM, SIA

Mike Knightson QFA, CFP®, RPA, MIIPM, SIA

Certified Financial Planner™

With over 17 years’ experience in Financial Services advising clients on their Financial Affairs, my expertise is predominantly in the field of Retirement Planning and Investment advice, I provide tailored Financial and Retirement Solutions to individuals, self-employed business people or company directors and retirees.  I work in conjunction with clients and their accountants to ensure that any advice is most suitable for the client based on their own set of unique circumstances.

As a Financial Planner, my role doesn’t just involve planning and implementing financial strategies for my clients; it also involves effective communication and translation of sometimes complex solutions to people who ‘just want to ensure their and their family’s financial security’.

David Mulvihill QFA, LCOI

David Mulvihill QFA, LCOI

Financial advisor

David has been a Financial advisor for over 30 years, he is at the forefront of Independent Financial Advice in East Cork/Waterford and is also a Licensed Compliance Officer.  David has extensive experience in all aspects of Financial Advice and Financial Planning and has guided his clients through a myriad of economic conditions. 

David spent over 13 years specifically working with the Self-Employed, farmers and company directors.  Never afraid of change David has constantly upskilled his qualifications and researched the life, pension and investment sphere, he has a keen interest in Behavioural Economics and how it can be applied to the benefits of his clients.

David specialises in Business Protection, Retirement Planning, and Wealth Management for KM Financial clients, he is passionate about his career and looks at every new client meeting as the beginning of a journey for the client and their advisors. 

Our Story

David and Mike worked together on proposals and major projects for over 13 years, in 2016 when their previous company was going through a restructuring and voluntary redundancy, both David and Mike took the opportunity to fulfil a long-held ambition to set up their own business, KM Financial was founded on the principles of: Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Customer Service Excellence and Teamwork.

Our Motto: ‘Prius Vos’ – Putting You First

Based in Charleville and Dungarvan, Mike and David provide a personal service that is second to none.

Financial Consultancy

What ever your life, pension or investment goal, talk to us to help realise that goal.

Forward Thinking

We blend old fashioned advice and modern technology to provide a seamless advice proposition.

Problem Solvers

We analyse your financial position and provide structured ‘jargon free’ solutions.


We provide an ongoing service and are there to help in the event of a Claim.